Photo Travel Diary – A Day in Prague

Travel Photo Diary - Prague  - via

Well, I’m back in Brooklyn after another amazing trip and I’m exhausted (in the best way possible).  As usual, we had limited time and lots to see/do/eat so every day was totally packed. This time however, we were exhausted from the very first day because we took the “overnight” flight to Amsterdam for the first leg of our trip (a good idea in theory, but you land at what feels like 3am). Even though I fell asleep sitting at a bar, I had an amazing time. Actually, I think being so tired that you can see through time makes you even more relaxed and open for random adventures.

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Here I go Again – Packing Inspiration

Packing for Paris - outfit inspiration - street style via

Of course, packing for your travels depends heavily on where you’re going.  Not just for the weather, but for your mood while you’re there, your surroundings and what you are planning to do. I’m heading to beautiful Amsterdam, Prague and Paris for the next few days and I’m planning on walking, eating, drinking, shopping and looking at art. Heavenly? Yea. 

I’m more into keeping it simple now than ever before (especially since my husband insists I pack light and share a suitcase with him to make running around easier… gaaahhh!) So, my inspiration is coming from these amazing looks here below, mostly street style from this past fashion month. 

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Out in Public – Pj Pants

Out in Public - Pajama pants, sleeveless vest, sneakers via

Have you ever found yourself not feeling great and having to pull it together and look like a human? Good news! I have the solution for when you’re looking through your closet, wondering what the closest thing to sweatpants is… PJ PANTS! Lightweight, flexible AND sit loosely around your waist… you can’t lose in both comfort and style. The sleeveless vest here doesn’t hurt either (especially since these pants happen to be completely see through) You can dress up a look like this even more with some simple black pumps and a bold colored lipstick.

(oh, and I’m not mad – I apparently just have really bad RBF)

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Life Is But a Dream – Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, Argentina via

Now that the fall chill is actually starting to hit, I’m thinking back to our incredible summer adventures and the amazing “winter” weather we encountered in Argentina.  We got up in the middle of the night to catch a crazy early flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, departing from the surprisingly nice Aeroparque Jorge Newbery.  After a 2 hour nap on a brand new plane, we arrived and went straight to the Sheraton, the only hotel inside the national park.  We couldn’t believe our eyes when we stepped outside on the terrace to grab a seat for breakfast – the falls were, literally, right there! The sun was high and it was warming up fast, we got some color while enjoying our cappuccinos and watching the vultures circle the falls for their breakfast.

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